Friday, April 04, 2008

Only Just Over 6 Weeks to Voting...

There's just over six weeks to go before all the votes have to be submitted and counted... I suspect its going to be quite an exciting count this year as all the books seem really popular and I haven't spoken to two people yet who agree on the winner so I think it's going to be a close run thing..!!

I always wonder when I write this blog if a) anyone actually reads it and b) whether the authors read it to see what we're saying about them. I'd love to know!! I know if I was one of the authors I'd have to have a look to see what people were saying about my book!! What do you all think of the individual titles (just in case the authors are reading the blog - it would be nice for them to read your comments about their books)??!! You've had plenty of time to get stuck into the reading so am sure people have something to say about them and we're looking for quotes to put in our booklet so if you do have something to say and we like it - you might find your words are put into print for the Bolton Children's Book Award 2008 Booklet which will be given out at the Awards Ceremony!!

By the way - we are have had a few techincal difficulties recently which is why there was a MASSIVE delay before some comments appeared. Think we've got it sorted now so comments should appear much more quickly, so please do send some more!!