Saturday, January 13, 2007

The BIG Announcement

Well - the big reveal is on 30th January, now only a couple of weeks away. Obviously, we've known for a while which books have been shortlisted and keeping it a secret is really hard, I'll be glad when we've told everyone else so I can stop talking in code!!!

When we were shortlisting, we took everyone's comments into consideration but, as with all shortlists, some of you may have recommended something that didn't quite make it, but if it's any consolation a book that I read and really enjoyed didn't make it either so I know how it feels!!! However, I think you'll really enjoy the shortlist this year and I honestly couldn't say which would be the winner I think it will be a very close run thing this year - counting the votes will be really exciting!!

I've spoken to some of the authors on the shortlist and think it's quite likely that they will be submitting "guest blogs" over the next couple of months, so you'll need to visit this site regularly to make sure you don't miss a chance to reply to your favourite authors blog!!

Hope to see many of you at the big announcement but if I see any of you before then I won't be saying anything about the shortlist!!! Any guesses as to what we have (or should have!) chosen it would be interesting to hear what you think...