Friday, July 13, 2007

Congratulations Sophie!!!

What am I doing??!! It's been ages since we announced the winner of the Bolton Children's Book Award 2007 and I haven't written about it on the blog!!!. Am sure that by now, you all know that the winner of the Award was Girl, Missing by Sophie McKenzie, who was absolutely thrilled to win. Sophie said:

"I'm thrilled to have won the Bolton Children's Book Award this year, especially considering my book, Girl, Missing, was up against such strong competition from some very fine authors. The most special part of winning this particular award is that it's voted for by young people - the actual readers of children's books! That really is a great honour and I'm very grateful, not only to the children who voted for my book, but also to the organisers, who work so creatively themselves on planning both the awards and all the associated competitions and activites."

A big well done to Sophie from us all!!

As you know, the reading never stops for the Bolton Book Award, so, we're actually already reading for the 2008 award. We are always looking for recommendations, so if you have any thoughts on books that should be on next years shortlist, post a comment and let me know!! Believe it or not, we do take all comments into consideration when shortlisting so your comment could actually make a difference as to whether a book goes onto the shortlist or not!!!

Have a great summer and don't forget to recommend any good books you read - reading has got to be one of the few things we can all do over the summer while it's pouring down outside!!

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