Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A Word from Sophie McKenzie

Hi there.

It’s a big thrill for me to have my book: Girl, Missing, on the Bolton Children’s Book Award shortlist. And, thinking about all the great stories that have been nominated, makes me want to ask you a question.

What do you think makes a good read?

It’s easy enough to say whether or not you like a book. It’s much harder to explain why. Personally, I want to really care about the characters and what’s happening to them. That’s how I felt when I was writing about Lauren in Girl, Missing too.

But what matters to you?

Is it getting lost in the story? Or having really exciting things happen so that you can’t put the book down? Maybe you like stories that make you scared, or excited, or that make you laugh. Whatever it is, I’d love to know…

Happy reading!
Sophie McKenzie


Anonymous said...

i love this book and so does my mum. it's very exciting! it makes a good read because it keeps you on your feet and if you concentrate well you understand the real meanings of the book. i love books that you can link to, as in you have an idea of what they mean and feel. it'd be great to read a book that comes after it, like carrying on the story. please make another!

gemma p philips high school reading club

Anonymous said...

hello,i like fast pace stories and characters that are believable and characters which you could be friends with. I also like books that dont have over exaggerated description.

From Jaweria
@ philips high school reading club

Anonymous said...

hi! I loved girl missing!
I like books that really involve you with the story. For me, books have to make me feel like im there with the characters and make me feel like i know them all as well as i know my own friends.

please write another book and i hope il see you at the awards ceremony!

from hannah@turton

jessica smith harper green said...

its cool that Sophie McKenzie won-i didn't get to read all of the book but i enjoyed the bit i read-it was really cool to be at the ceremony, i got to ask her a couple of questions when everyone had left-shes good to chat to and shes really nice.

Anonymous said...

I think Girl missing is an amazing read so i told all my friends to read it and they all loved it too. I go to school in Reading and Sophie Mckenzie will be visiting our school on the first of november, So if you hav any questions you want to ask her just leave a message for me. thanx

saraniya thayaparan kendrick girls grammar school

anonymous said...

hiya just 2 say that sophie mckenzie came 2 our school 2day and she is real nice!!!
i bought six steps 2 a girl and it is well funny!i cant put it down!lol
kendrick grammar school

Anonymous said...

Im going to vote for the geek the greek and the pimpernel because it is sooooo funny!!!!