Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A Word From Michael Coleman...

A big hello to everybody involved with the Bolton Children's Book Awards!

I was delighted to hear that The Howling Tower had been shortlisted and am eagerly awaiting the big Awards Ceremony. I'm even looking for a tie to wear, which shows you how excited I am!

The Howling Tower was great fun to write, as were the other two books in the trilogy, The Fighting Pit and The Hunting Forest. By the end I was quite sad to say goodbye to Benjamin, Mops and Spike. I was even sorry to say goodbye to some of the bears (but not Inspector Dictatum)!

I'm looking forward to meeting as many as you as possible when I come up to Bolton in June. In the meantime, though, I'd love to discover what you thought about the book. If you enjoyed it, I'd love to know why. And if you didn't like it - well, I'd like to know that too. Honest!

With very best wishes - Michael Coleman


Anne SLS said...

Hi Michael

I'd like to be the first to put a message on - I loved "The Howling Tower". It was really cleverly written and I thought the experiments the bears were undertaking on the humans were very chilling! I haven't had chance to read the others in the trilogy yet but I am really looking forward to it!!

Also have to say I did notice the what the acronym would be for "Outpost-For Sap-Training, Education, Deployment" - has anyone else??!!!

Anonymous said...

I loved "The Howling Tower" as well. I thought it was such a unique idea and i am looking forward to reading the other books in the series.

Albert said...

Hey Michael,

Howling Tower was an immense book! It was a tiny bit slow paced but it sure did pay off in the end!

You have a wide imagination that strectches to the far horizon. I love you book and am looking very forward to reading the others in your liitle collection.

Thanks for the great read, Micheal!
I hope you reply to this.

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

I like Your book The Howling Tower and even tried to find time to arrange all the bear words around to make human sounded one's.

I liked The first book so much i decided to read the second and got hooked right from the howling tower to benjamin and spikes reuinion in the pit and where the trio progressed to the Hyde park and saved the chance for saps to roam free mainly due to the quickthinking of the baby bear

Can you not please write an other story invloving them please, One of the best books in the book awards

Anonymous said...

book was excellant, i really enjoyed it. the descriptions were fantastic, and i cant wait to read your other books.


Anonymous said...

Hiya Micheal,
we really loved your book! i think it made you want to carry on reading at all times. i thought the best bit was where benjamin and mops was running away. it was extremely well written. i think it was a unique and unsusal story but very good. i can't wait to read any of your other books!
Sherelle Thomas from Philips High reading club

Anonymous said...

yo michael, thank you for writing it is nice to get in touch with such a successful and talented person. bt i think it wasnt my kinda book. Because i thought there woz 2 much description and nt enuff action. It was a bit 2 hard 4 a girl like me with a p sized brain 2 understand.
i liked the character of mops because she has a mint name. The front cover was very appealing and eye catching.

from jaweria malik
@ philips high school reading club.

Anonymous said...

hi, i am half way through your book
and i cant keep it out of my face
i have enjoyed it so far and like the way you swap cave bears and humans around. although i like it
i think you stay on things too long
(dont take my word for it im rather impatient).also too much description because i prefere vivid pictures.

by jack

Joe said...

Just wanted to pop in and say good luck to all of the authors involved this year. I hope you're all going to Bolton for the ceremony - if so, you're in for a treat. It was loads of fun last year - an unforgettable time. They really know how to treat authors in Bolton.
Now I'll have to get on with reading all of the books on the shortlist!
Best wishes,
from Joe Craig

michael coleman said...

Dear Readers (especially those with p-sized brains!)

Thanks for all your comments. Keep them coming! I'm hoping to meet as many of you as possible when I come to Bolton in June.

Best wishes - Michael Coleman

Anonymous said...

hi michael, i just wanted to say, i thought that your book was really good. the cover was extremely eye catching, and i like the fact that you made up your own 'bear language'.
i love the mops character, i think she is really girly, compared to benjamin. i wrote a longer version of the prologue that you did, it is almost like a description. i did it for the competition. well good luck for the awards

Reece @ Harper Green said...

Howling Tower was not really my
sort of book, the layout in my
opinion was not the greatest, although i didn't like it i wish you the best of luck (hope you find a tie!)