Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Truth is Out!!!!

Finally, finally, finally... I can stop watching what I say in the office incase I let something slip about what is on the shortlist - it was such a relief to reveal it to everyone this morning!!

For anyone who doesn't know the shortlist is as follows:

  • Jerry and the Jannans by Elly Brewer
  • The Howling Tower by Michael Coleman
  • Beast by Ally Kennen
  • Nemesis by Catherine Macphail
  • Girl, Missing by Sophie McKenzie
  • Kiss of Death by Malcolm Rose
  • Flash Flood by Chris Ryan
  • The Shapeshifter: Finding the Fox by Ali Sparkes

What do you all think then, first impressions, which do you think you'll enjoy the most? Have you read any yet? Did your favourite make it to the list (or not make it!!?)

I can't make my mind up as to what the winner will be - obviously, I've got my favourites on the list but, unfortunately, I'm not eligible to vote (I'm too old) so now it's all down to the young people of Bolton (and some in Bury, Blackburn and Salford!) to make their decisions! I think it will be a really close run thing again this year and I think every vote will count so make sure you don't waste yours!!

I am really looking forward to hearing what everyone has to say and one or two of the authors will be publishing "guest blogs" once everyone has got into the reading so keep checking this site as I'll let you know when the guest blogs will be appearing!!

Happy reading!!


Rachael said...

I quite like what is on the shortlist.
'Girl, Missing' is my fave so far DEFINATELY! Its really really really good!
I dont really like the look of the 'Jerry and the Jannans' really. It doesnt seem to fit in with the serious look of all the others, it could be another 'stuff' maybe it wont. I'll have to wait till ive read it.
Im just starting 'Flash flood' and this seems a really good one but 'Girl, missing' is my winner so far :D

jessica said...

i agree with rachel Girl Missing is a great book with interesting characters and a good storyline i have read shape shifter, the holwing tower and Kiss of death but girl missing is far better

jessi said...

i have read kiss of death,girl missing,howling tower and now im readin beast. so far kiss of death and girl missing are my faverates but i didnt like howling tower .

Anonymous said...

hello, the books on the shortlist look preeti gd. My fave is flash flood because it has an interesting cover and an even more interesting blurb. The story to it is even betta. So i would recommend it to everyone who likes stuff lyk floods and stuff. Itis also set in modern day times.
So far my winner is flash flood but i havent readthe uvvas. i dont lyk howling tower though but u mite
from bella
xxx :D:P
philips high reading club

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

How great is Girl Missing? I loved it for me it's a shooo in to win

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

flash flood-
This book was good, but the ending was too short.

Anonymous said...

My worst was flash flood. Totally unrealistic and without a doubt and ended without a proper wrapping of things up.

Anonymous said...

Howling Tower is quite good even though the speech was a bit hard to follow at first when the bear was speaking.

I've been told that Beast is very good I'm looking forward to reading it

Anonymous said...

I think that so far Girl Missing is my favourite. I really didn't like Jerry and the Jannans, as i found it boring and i found the first chapter hard going. Beast was really good especially the beginning where it listed the 10 worst things he had done in his life. I can't wait to read Shapeshifter Finding the Fox, as everyone at our school has said it's really good. I don't think that Flash Flood was as good as i expected, i thought that it would be more of a 'page turner'. I am halfway through Kiss Of death, so far it is very good.

Max S said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

i relly enjoyed readin nemisis there's a really fast pace in the book, i'm readin shapeshifter now andit seems brilliant

i'm really lookin forwaard to readin beast coz it looks really good after you've read the blurb

Anonymous said...

Jerry and The Jannans is my favourite book even though everyone alse hates it so much.
Girl Missing is my second favourite and I dislike Flash Flood because the ending was uninteresting and unimaginative. The Shapeshifter: Finding the Fox is cool and scored a respectable 49 out of 50. I read The Howling Tower in one evening and really enjoyed working out bear language.I am reading Beast at the moment and I'm really enjoying it.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed shapeshifter, the book was really gripping and had a exciting plot. Missing girl ismy favourite book because it is really exciting. I don't like flash flood because it doesn't have a good beginning so I wasn't gripped.

Anonymous said...

So far I have read Finding the Fox and Girl Missing. I really enjoyed both of them but out of the two I prefer Finding the Fox!

Anonymous said...

i hav bin reading many ov da boox and i fink girl missing iz reeli gd nd i am reading best dats reeli good as well and shapeshifter is reeeeeeeeeeeeli boooooring and flash flood is also v. gd and howling tower is aite bt it cud b betta and made 2 b more realistic and i ink my vote is goin 2 girl missing or flash flood bt i havent yet read nemesis it seems reeli gd and jerry and the jannans loox reeli childish. bt i am looking forward 2 reeding nemesis. den i will hav red dem all.
from bella
@ philips high school

Olivia said...

Girl Missing is my favourite so far. I'm Currnetly reading Kisss of Death, but I am struggling to get into it.

Anonymous said...

i hav red all da boox except 4rm nemesis and jerry and the jannans. Jerry and the jannans loox reeli bad but nemesis loox gd. Girl missing rox so far it is my fave so is beast and kiss of death is priti gd. it is gd and informative and at the same time it tells u about da past at da time ov da black death.
I hope yall lyk reading da bux dey r priti gd bt if u havent read girl missing den u shud.
@philips high school
year 9
Philips high school rox

Anonymous said...

Read all the books now I liked Jerry and the Jannans Shapeshifter and Beast. I didn't really like Girl Missing though and I thought Lauren was really selfish and mean. Didn't much like Flash Flood either the action was good but the people werent real. Kiss of death was ok and i liked the ending it was like that film Final destintion. i liked Howling tower - with bear speak and nemesis was ok but i think Ram was a bit girly at times

reece said...

My favourite book in this year's shortlist is definatley 'Girl Missing'. The plot to the story is very realistic and could happen to anyone at any time. The way Sophie McEnzie writes is very good. I really like the front cover as well, as it is not too fussy but does stand ut. It does not need to be improved in any way!