Friday, July 13, 2007

Congratulations Sophie!!!

What am I doing??!! It's been ages since we announced the winner of the Bolton Children's Book Award 2007 and I haven't written about it on the blog!!!. Am sure that by now, you all know that the winner of the Award was Girl, Missing by Sophie McKenzie, who was absolutely thrilled to win. Sophie said:

"I'm thrilled to have won the Bolton Children's Book Award this year, especially considering my book, Girl, Missing, was up against such strong competition from some very fine authors. The most special part of winning this particular award is that it's voted for by young people - the actual readers of children's books! That really is a great honour and I'm very grateful, not only to the children who voted for my book, but also to the organisers, who work so creatively themselves on planning both the awards and all the associated competitions and activites."

A big well done to Sophie from us all!!

As you know, the reading never stops for the Bolton Book Award, so, we're actually already reading for the 2008 award. We are always looking for recommendations, so if you have any thoughts on books that should be on next years shortlist, post a comment and let me know!! Believe it or not, we do take all comments into consideration when shortlisting so your comment could actually make a difference as to whether a book goes onto the shortlist or not!!!

Have a great summer and don't forget to recommend any good books you read - reading has got to be one of the few things we can all do over the summer while it's pouring down outside!!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A Word from Sophie McKenzie

Hi there.

It’s a big thrill for me to have my book: Girl, Missing, on the Bolton Children’s Book Award shortlist. And, thinking about all the great stories that have been nominated, makes me want to ask you a question.

What do you think makes a good read?

It’s easy enough to say whether or not you like a book. It’s much harder to explain why. Personally, I want to really care about the characters and what’s happening to them. That’s how I felt when I was writing about Lauren in Girl, Missing too.

But what matters to you?

Is it getting lost in the story? Or having really exciting things happen so that you can’t put the book down? Maybe you like stories that make you scared, or excited, or that make you laugh. Whatever it is, I’d love to know…

Happy reading!
Sophie McKenzie

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A Word From Michael Coleman...

A big hello to everybody involved with the Bolton Children's Book Awards!

I was delighted to hear that The Howling Tower had been shortlisted and am eagerly awaiting the big Awards Ceremony. I'm even looking for a tie to wear, which shows you how excited I am!

The Howling Tower was great fun to write, as were the other two books in the trilogy, The Fighting Pit and The Hunting Forest. By the end I was quite sad to say goodbye to Benjamin, Mops and Spike. I was even sorry to say goodbye to some of the bears (but not Inspector Dictatum)!

I'm looking forward to meeting as many as you as possible when I come up to Bolton in June. In the meantime, though, I'd love to discover what you thought about the book. If you enjoyed it, I'd love to know why. And if you didn't like it - well, I'd like to know that too. Honest!

With very best wishes - Michael Coleman

Thursday, April 26, 2007



Some of the authors on the award want to submit blogs and would love you to respond. The first one will be published next week and will be from Michael Coleman, author of "The Howling Tower".

When you are making comments about books, please try to be constructive with your comments, if there are any comments which are rude or harsh, we may remove them from the blog!!

Think by now many of you will have read them all - this year, I haven't got a clue what will win and I think it's going to be a close-run thing. In 2005 and 2006 I had a fairly good idea that The Recruit and Jimmy Coates would be the winners but you all have different favourites this year - it will make it even more exciting!!

Don't forget to check the blog next week when you will be hearing from Michael!!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Truth is Out!!!!

Finally, finally, finally... I can stop watching what I say in the office incase I let something slip about what is on the shortlist - it was such a relief to reveal it to everyone this morning!!

For anyone who doesn't know the shortlist is as follows:

  • Jerry and the Jannans by Elly Brewer
  • The Howling Tower by Michael Coleman
  • Beast by Ally Kennen
  • Nemesis by Catherine Macphail
  • Girl, Missing by Sophie McKenzie
  • Kiss of Death by Malcolm Rose
  • Flash Flood by Chris Ryan
  • The Shapeshifter: Finding the Fox by Ali Sparkes

What do you all think then, first impressions, which do you think you'll enjoy the most? Have you read any yet? Did your favourite make it to the list (or not make it!!?)

I can't make my mind up as to what the winner will be - obviously, I've got my favourites on the list but, unfortunately, I'm not eligible to vote (I'm too old) so now it's all down to the young people of Bolton (and some in Bury, Blackburn and Salford!) to make their decisions! I think it will be a really close run thing again this year and I think every vote will count so make sure you don't waste yours!!

I am really looking forward to hearing what everyone has to say and one or two of the authors will be publishing "guest blogs" once everyone has got into the reading so keep checking this site as I'll let you know when the guest blogs will be appearing!!

Happy reading!!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

The BIG Announcement

Well - the big reveal is on 30th January, now only a couple of weeks away. Obviously, we've known for a while which books have been shortlisted and keeping it a secret is really hard, I'll be glad when we've told everyone else so I can stop talking in code!!!

When we were shortlisting, we took everyone's comments into consideration but, as with all shortlists, some of you may have recommended something that didn't quite make it, but if it's any consolation a book that I read and really enjoyed didn't make it either so I know how it feels!!! However, I think you'll really enjoy the shortlist this year and I honestly couldn't say which would be the winner I think it will be a very close run thing this year - counting the votes will be really exciting!!

I've spoken to some of the authors on the shortlist and think it's quite likely that they will be submitting "guest blogs" over the next couple of months, so you'll need to visit this site regularly to make sure you don't miss a chance to reply to your favourite authors blog!!

Hope to see many of you at the big announcement but if I see any of you before then I won't be saying anything about the shortlist!!! Any guesses as to what we have (or should have!) chosen it would be interesting to hear what you think...